Barnard-Seyfert Astronomical Society

About the Barnard-Seyfert Astronomical Society

Unless otherwise noted, the BSAS meets on the third Wednesday of each month at the Cumberland Valley Girl Scout Council Building in Nashville. Experienced members or guest speakers talk about some aspect of astronomy or observing. Subjects range from how the universe first formed to how to build your own telescope. The meetings are informal and time is allotted for fellowship. After all, that's why we meet in groups! You do not have to be a member to attend the meetings.

Membership entitles you to subscriptions to Astronomy and Sky & Telescope at reduced rates; the club's newsletter, The Eclipse, is sent to members monthly. BSAS members also receive membership in the Astronomical League, receiving their quarterly newsletter, the Reflector, discounts on all astronomical books, and many other benefits. In addition to the meetings, BSAS also sponsors many public events, such as star parties and Astronomy Day; we go into the schools on occasion to hold star parties for the children and their parents. Often the public star parties are centered around a special astronomical event, such as a lunar eclipse, or meteor showers.

Of course there are times that members just want to get together to do their viewing in groups. These gatherings are usually based on the weather and occur spontaneously.

Most information about BSAS and our activities may be found on this website. If you need more information, write to us at .

Thanks to the efforts of our dedicated members, the Barnard-Seyfert Astronomical Society now maintains 509(a)(2) non-profit status. This makes it easier for individuals and institutions to make donations to our organization. Since the BSAS is entirely volunteer-run, these contributions can be used entirely to fund the society's educational and outreach efforts through the equipment loan program, educational materials, this website, etc.

If you would like to make a donation or learn how your organization can support the work of the BSAS, please contact us at