Barnard-Seyfert Astronomical Society

BSAS Meeting Location

Due to renovations at the Cumberland Valley Girl Scout Council Building, meetings of BSAS will be held in the Fellowship Hall at Glendale United Methodist Church until further notice. Click here for directions.

January 2017: Comet Campaign: Amateurs Wanted

In a cosmic coincidence, three comets will soon be approaching Earth—and astronomers want you to help study them. This global campaign, which will begin at the end of January when the first comet is bright enough, will enlist amateur astronomers to help researchers continuously monitor how the comets change over time and, ultimately, learn what these ancient ice chunks reveal about the origins of the solar system.

December 2016: Big Science in Small Packages

About 250 miles overhead, a satellite the size of a loaf of bread flies in orbit. It's one of hundreds of so-called CubeSats—spacecraft that come in relatively inexpensive and compact packages—that have launched over the years. So far, most CubeSats have been commercial satellites, student projects, or technology demonstrations. But this one, dubbed MinXSS ("minks") is NASA's first CubeSat with a bona fide science mission.